The rainbow should be PINK!
Hi, u guys can call me Fla if you like! I'm a portuguese lolita and guess what i love pink and pink stuff! I also LOVE japanese culture,j-rock, all most of the styles*oshare kei, visual kei, decora, fairy kei, mori, otome and some gyarus* in japan have a sweet place on my heart must be cus all of them are cute and lovely!
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Paris Baguette Bakery // Strawberry Cream Cake + Strawberry Tiramisu

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hello kidney: my search for a kidney transplant →



My name is Victoria. I’m a twenty five year old college student. I model and run a fashion blog. I live in Connecticut, where I’m dating a great guy and play kitty-mommy to two tuxedo kittens. This is my tumblr about my search for a kidney transplant and organ donation.

Although a blogger…